10 Tips To Mindful Eating And Easier Weight Loss.

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We've all done it ... eaten something on the go without taking the time to enjoy it or even consciously realise that we're eating.

For me, the object of my mindless eating was packets of chocolate biscuits and bags of crisps while sitting in front of the TV.

Studies have shown that distracted eaters weigh an average of 18% more than mindful eaters.

Here are 10 tips to get you on the path to mindful eating.  

1 – Focus on the Food, Not the Distractions.

When we focus on the food, our brain becomes more satiated. Turn off the TV, put down your smartphone and get away from that computer to maximize your eating pleasure.  

2. Engage all Your Senses While You Eat.

Use all your senses (including common sense). Look at the food. Smell the food. Feel the texture of the food. Taste the food. And listen to the sounds it makes as you eat it. Be curious as to all the details.

3. Put Your Fork Down After Every Single Bite.

Putting your fork down between bites will definitely slow you down.

4. Eat with Chopsticks or Your Non-Dominant Hand.

Need more help slowing down? Then try eating with chopsticks or your "other" hand. Just remember to cover your clothing!

5. Save the Very Best Bite for Last!

Your final bite should be one that creates an absolute food orgasm. Pick it in advance. Strategically place it on your plate and ceremoniously eat it to mark the end of another great meal.

6. Sit Down While Eating Every Single Meal.

Sit. Stay. Eat. And I don't mean in the car. Stop to eat and enjoy your food. Give yourself a break from the craziness of life , even if it's only 15 minutes.

7. Eat on Small Plates

Plates have grown and grown over the decades and this has led to portion distortion. Eating off a smaller plate will help control portions and trick your mind into thinking you ate more than you did.

8. Go for 80% Full When Eating Each Meal.

Being stuffed (think all-you-can-eat buffet type stuffed) is extremely uncomfortable. It takes your stomach 20 minutes to tell your brain it's full, so give it time and space. Aim for 80% full.

9. Chew Each Bite 20-30 Times.

There are several good reasons for this one, including avoiding choking! This practice slows you down and helps you enjoy what you're eating.

10. Lick Your Ice Cream Instead of Using a Spoon.

And drink your soup instead of using a spoon, too. Our taste buds light up more when food is placed directly on our tongue rather than having a spoon as the middleman. Don't believe me? Try it. You'll agree.

So there you have it. Ten easy ways to begin mindful eating.


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