Protein, The Not So Secret Weapon.

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Why is protein important to lose weight?  

First, protein satisfies hunger and takes longer to digest so you stay feeling full longer and are less likely to snack or go back to the kitchen to refill your plate.

Second, protein helps regulate the blood sugar bounce you get from eating necessary carbohydrates by slowing how fast your body absorbs their sugars.

Third, protein is essential to repairing and strengthening your muscles after you exercise. Working out builds lean muscle mass which increases your resting metabolic rate or the ability to burn calories doing nothing.

Fourth, it takes more energy to digest protein which means you burn more calories eating.

Fifth, protein helps ensure you burn fat, not muscle. Research shows that in order to effectively burn fat, your body needs a nudge from either protein or carbs. Eating protein will help preserve your lean muscle mass while your body eats your fat.

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